Saturday, 19 April 2014

There's a class for this

Bag | Primark
Shorts | Primark
Cardigan | Charity Shop
Shoes | Primark
Tee | H&M

Oh my it's been a while again hasn't it. I lost my blogging mojo for a while there as we are in the process of moving and working long hours. So yes, these pictures are from a while ago, but that doesn't go to say I don't wear this outfit now and again.
Our typical British weather cannot decide if it's ready for summer yet so we are teased with chilly days, then hot days. Therefore, what better excuse to wear something short (but respectable) and a long slouchy cardigan. I picked this cardigan up from a charity shop some time ago and the colour screams Autumn but it's settling into Spring pretty well too. 

I got these shorts (or skort as it reads on the label) from Primark. They were £10 and my do they go with everything. I haven't done too well on showing that they are high waisted (my photography skills need to be improved) but I promise they are, and they fit like a dream. I guess this is a bargain outfit as everything was either from Primark, H&M or a charity shop. You can tell I've been saving for our deposit on the new place.

I have been busy filming YouTube videos today so be sure to check out my YouTube channel by searching SMUGPUG (what else) and subscribing. I am now off to play with my very own Easter bunny (Biffy) and bake some Easter goodies.

Friday, 21 March 2014


It's one of life's achievements, to be happy. I remember when people asked me what I wanted to be when I was older, my answer was always happy (or a dancer or vet). Understandably, there's no easy way to just be happy but there are a few ways in which you can help yourself be the happier version of yourself. I started writing this post yesterday and later found it was National Happiness Day, what a coincidence.

Accept what you have.
This is a very obvious happy secret. It's all about knowing how to avoid disappointment and to strive for realistic goals. I have spent many of my time wishing I had this or that however when you take a step back, what you already have is really quite special. "Things could be worse" is usually my response when things go wrong, however it couldn't be more true. Are you happy with the friends you have? Are you happy that you have a roof over your head? Are you happy that there is pizza in the oven? All of these little things can really change your outlook on your own life.

Be comfortable with yourself.

This means accept and embrace your personality, looks, mistakes, habits, the way you talk but most importantly "you". Try to learn to feel comfortable in your own skin and remember that who you are is what you are. Don't apologise to anyone for something which is a part of you, like your personality, style and good or bad habits. Remember there is always someone who likes you for who you are. For example, if you want to wear something which is strange but you like it, wear it, no-one should stop you. It is a step towards building a good relationship with yourself. Take pictures of what makes you happy and don't be afraid to share them. It's a good way of expressing your interests - pretty much what all us bloggers do eh?

Be compassionate.
Compassion is all about doing something kind for someone. Smile at people, if they don't smile back, you've done your bit. Smiling will increase those happy hormones anyway. Give a person in need a shoulder to cry on, give a coffee to a homeless person, let someone know you're there for them or arrange time each day to speak to someone you haven't in a while. Forgive those that have hurt you, learn from the pain you experienced and grow from it. All it will do is make you a stronger, more compassionate person. Looking on the positive side of things will increase your knowledge on the world and everyone loves being around positive, smiley people.

Exercise and eat healthily.
Now this one is questionable. However, the more you exercise, the more endorphins are released and the better you will feel. Even if you take time to go for a walk. 30 minutes of exercise a day can make you feel more alert, productive, relaxed and happier. At the end of the day, you will know that you have done your bit to care for your body and mind. The same goes with eating right, have some healthy meals each week so you can avoid that disappointing, sluggish feeling (Friday nights are an exception). Don't fret about treating yourself once in a while, that Ben and Jerry's won't disappear on it's own. Relaxing is also very important. Take time out to yourself, grab a coffee, a magazine and sit in the sunshine for a few minutes. Give yourself time to think and reflect.


Sunday, 16 March 2014

One Rest

Oh I tell you what it's good to have a break from blogging. I don't know how some of you keep it up and with such good content too! For me, it's taking some time to gain some inspiration. One thing I haven't been lacking on is reading all of your posts a regular basis, you guys keep me inspired!

I have also had a week off work which has refreshed my batteries. The other halls brother and girlfriend came to visit which was just lovely. We visited London, Norwich, Cambridge and I showed them around my local home towns, all in the space of 4 days! This weekend has consisted of vlogging (should be up in approximately 46 minutes...), taking photo's, walking and rating local coffee shops and their delicious flat whites. 

This outfit is a pretty basic, comfy Sunday type thing. The oversized jumper is one of my all time favourites from Primark. I also have it in mauve and black. I hid my leather look skirt from H&M underneath and strolled about the streets in my Topshop Skaters. 

It's back to normal tomorrow for me, time to indulge in one last pot of Ben and Jerry's and play with Biffy (our house bunny which you can meet in my Vlog). 

Sunday, 16 February 2014

LFA Event with LOVE

Last Saturday, I was kindly invited by the lovely girls at LOVE HQ, to attend their first ever event! I was thrilled to finally get my hands on the latest pieces (not that I brought any as I had spent 2 hours in H&M already). I decided to take my best friend with me as she has been a dedicated buyer of LOVE and if I wasn't a blogger, I would love to have the opportunity that some of us get to attend events like this. The colours shouted happiness as we walked through the door. They have really excelled themselves with their on trend simple designs. I like simple, I feel like you can do so much more with it.
There were also Krispy Kremes lined up everywhere and the love was shared throughout when everyone got their hungry mits on them. 
After a long drive, myself and my best friend visited a gorgeous little cafe called The Drury. I was dying for some jam on toast and a latte so we sat down and prepared ourselves for some shopping. 
Unfortunately, I couldn't stay long. But I managed to hear the talks from the girls from LOVE. It was also a pleasure to hear Naomi from Two Shoes One Pair discuss her fashion career and the amazing opportunities she has been offered through blogging. 

I can't believe it has been over a month since I have posted. That is insane, what is wrong with me. I have had a busy few weeks but being busy is no excuse. I have been feeling unmotivated and low, sometimes a true break can really do wonders to your imagination. Thanks for bearing with me.

Friday, 3 January 2014

Ufford Park Hotel and Spa

You may not live in the quiet area of Suffolk or even know whereabouts in the Country it is. Seriously, not a lot of people know about this place and having grown up here, you forget about how beautiful it really is. A place that really expresses beauty within Suffolk is Ufford Park Hotel, Golf and 
Spa. Situated in my nearby town Woodbridge, you can book yourself a night or weekend away, a spa day or even a round of golf if you wish. What's more, is that they hold a number of events here including some beautiful weddings which I have had the delight to be invited to.

A few months ago now, as you can see by the sunshine in these photo's, I was asked to photograph Ufford Park and these are some of the photo's I took. It was an absolutely beautiful day and I felt it captured the true beauty of Ufford Park Hotel. 

A couple of months ago, we booked ourselves in for a back massage. It was incredible and the staff were extremely polite and helpful as always. Upon arrival, we were made to feel comfortable and the expertise of the staff made our visit enjoyable but relaxing. 

If you are ever in the area or fancy treating yourself for a weekend, make sure you visit their website at to see what they have to offer! 

*this is not a sponsored post! just a true account of my views*

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Who said being yourself was boring?

A huge thanks goes to the bright and beautiful #lbloggers tonight for their wonderful help with blogging on iPads. We'll done ladies, you have excelled yourselves once again.

This outfit unfortunately features items I have worn before, including items which are probably no longer in store either. Although, if you're looking for something to instantly update your look, then visit eBay for some simple bargains. This time of year is always good to fill up on simple items and accessories to add to your wardrobe, so visit eBay for sone inspiration. I. A aged to find this vintage looking bag, which was only £8.99 with postage. By simply searching "satchel" I was left with many items to choose from. 

I have just returned home after a weekend in London. We stated in the Theeadneedles hotel and oh my word it was amazing. I have stayed in a The Mayfair before but that was nothing compared to this experience. It was to celebrate my boyfriends 26th birthday and they really went to town with surprises and special treatment. I would really recommend staying there. 

On another and final note, I have uploaded another video to my YouTube channel. This time, a Christmas Vlog. Search SMUGVLOGS for my channel and link me to yours too so I can subscribe and meet some more of you. I can also be found on Instagram at @kwigg. 

Thursday, 26 December 2013

OOTD // 26.12.13

Yup! You heard it! I'm afraid I have started YouTube again and actually plan on sticking with it this time! Having been given a beautiful iPad Mini for Christmas, with Retina display, it hasn't left my sight. So with lots of apps downloading, food babies and Gossip a Girl, I have spent my time off work recording videos. I really hope you all like it and don't think I'm a complete doofus!

Did you all have a wonderful Christmas? I have spent the day playing with Biffy the Bunny and playing with my Christmas presents! I can't quite believe Christmas is over again, all this rushing of buying gifts, wrapping and then it's done for another year! Anyway I'm rambling, Happy Christmas everyone and I hope you all got some super sale deals today.